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For top performing, single women over 35, who are ready to attract the love of their life and build a relationship leading to marriage!


Only $27 ($147 value)

Are you ready to attract a higher calibre man and 5-Star dates?

See how Latasha did it:

In This Training You Will Learn:

  • My powerful, neuro-attraction method to make you a magnet for committed, loyal, and financially responsible men.

  • The secret strategies men use to dupe women into relationships with no commitment, so you no longer waste years or months in a relationship not leading to marriage.

  • The number 1 way to capture the heart of your Mr. Right and have him begging you to marry him.

  • The exact steps to powerfully lean into your feminine energy and become WIFE READY!

Meet Jamila McMallow, Your Love & Relationship Expert


Jamila McMallow has been coaching and mentoring for over 22 years in a variety of professional settings. She has personally coached 200+ women on thriving after divorce and having new, healthy relationships with men.

Jamila created her powerful, 4-step Become Magnetic Framework, to help her clients create accelerated transformational results in their lives and relationships.

She is ready to help you experience your own incredible transformation in your life and relationships with men!

Her no-nonsense, no-fluff approach means you get the tools and strategies to create RESULTS!

Will This Challenge Help Me?

If you’re like the other 100+ women I’ve worked with, you’re tired of attracting men who are not the right fit. They string you along, don't have it together financially, and won't commit.

You’re over it! You want to be married to a good man.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. This challenge is ideal for YOU if you…

  • Are rocking it in your career and business, have the house, car, success, but your love life is disappointing.

  • Desire to be married to a good man who will love, protect, and provide for you.

  • Hate online dating.

  • Have high moral standards and refuse to settle for less.

  • Want to ditch the players and "projects" and be with a man of quality and integrity (even if you have no idea how you’ll find him).

What Are Previous Attendees Saying?


"This was fantastic! I was able to learn about what I wanted, and that’s to be truly pursued by a man! My biggest takeaway was about awareness. I also jotted down about how feeling seen and valued by a committed man is possible for me. "


“An eye opening and truth telling deep dive of stepping back into how our lives were shaped by what our Fathers taught us to EXPECT from men and what our Mothers taught us to TOLERATE from men by indirect or direct example was impactful and insightful. Jamila’s explanations of how little girls process and later play out the future reality to our own detriment as we select partners of our own are from the patterns that we experienced and witnessed growing up…it all makes sense now!”


"Thank you so much Jamila for the INCREDIBLE training that just finished. Your teachings absolutely shifted the way I think about dating and men in general. My mind has expanded and my expectations are rising. Your class allowed me to see that there is hope for me and fellow ambitious sisters. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us and being of service. You are truly an amazing human being."


"Let me tell you about this class real quick: I just want to say thank you so much Jamila McMallow I had done a lot of work on myself and you are helping me to pinpoint the last little bit of things that I need to draw in my amazing husband! Your class has revealed to me patterns and confirmed a lot of the things that I had experienced in my life. I have definitely already recommended your class to several people and whoever is not here better be for the next one! Thank you for helping me to manifest love in my life!"


Who is this training for?

If you are a woman over 35 that has built a very successful business(es) or corporate career, yet are still lacking the healthy, fulfilling relationship that you desire to experience with a good man, that is leading to marriage, then this training is for you.

Whether you've been divorced or never married, if your deep desire is to become the wife a man who pursues you, provides for you, and protects you - you are in the right place.

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Who is NOT the right fit for this training?

If you are a woman who is bitter, has a negative attitude towards men, and takes no personal responsibility for your choices, decisions, and behavior in relationships - this training is not for you.

If you have no desire to be married and simply want to date around with no commitment - this training is not for you.

If you are a man that wants to mansplain relationships to women, this training is not for you.

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How long do I have access?

You get access to this incredible course for 1 year for only $27 ($147 value). All sales are final. No refunds.

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Are You Ready to Finally Find Mr. Right?

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